Obscene Strategies

Treasures and trash from Japan's history of sex-themed cinema: from sexploitation to adult video, from erotic animation to documentaries on the sexual habits of adolescents. Brief mini-pages feature a summary of some of my thoughts and research on each film, on the creators and performers, on its intertexts and paratexts when possible.

Strange Sights

Photographs by me of places I've been, mainly, of course, Japan-focused and media-focused, sex-and-death-focused. I don't think I'm a great photographer; I mostly run around with a five-year-old iPhone getting excited about birds and garbage (much like a five-year-old myself). But you might get a glimpse at what things look like through my eyes. 


This is like a blog, but, honestly, worse. Do people still blog? Do I still blog? Only clicking will reveal the truth.

The photo is from Matsumoto Toshio's documentary on the weavers of Nishijin, because weaving and writing are not so different, except one requires heavy machinery and is a dying art while the other just requires fingers and seems more unfortunately popular than ever.

Sufficient Intimacy with the Birds

Developing thoughts and observations on birds as omens, birds as messengers, birds as media, and birds as thinkers.

I can't describe this further except to say that I am, like, really into birds.