9. List of Place Names Featuring Birds  

Phoenix, Arizona

Kamo River, Kyoto [duck]

Turkey [rare example where the place named the bird] 

Bird City, Kansas

Tsurugashima, Saitama [island with cranes on it] 

Canary Islands

Tottori Prefecture, Japan ["bird catching"; Nihon Shoki Book VI, year 720: In the 23rd year of the reign of Emperor Suinin, His Majesty became concerned: the Imperial Prince Homutsu-wake was now thirty years old, with a beard eight span long, but had never learned to speak and still cried like a baby. One day in winter, a swan crossed the sky. The Prince, hearing its cry, looked up and asked, "What is that thing?" The Emperor, overjoyed, commanded his attendants to bring him the bird. Amano Yukaha Tana declared he would capture it and set off in pursuit. The next month, he returned to present the swan to the Emperor. The Prince played with the swan and learned to speak. Yukaha Tana was rewarded and given the title Tottori no Miyakko (Honored Bird-Catching House)]

Sasakwa, Oklahoma [wild goose] 

Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana [crying eagle]

Toba, Mie [birds' wings] 

Hamura, Tokyo [wing village] 

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 

Chicken Bristle, Illinois 

Aamanu Gulch, Hawaii [birds, panic stricken]